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Helping you identify your IBS triggers by tracking your diet and symptoms

A food & symptom diary that helps you understand your health

Record, track, analyze, and report your diet and symptoms


Record your diet and symptoms along with medications, sleep, stress, exercise, and any environmental factors

You can also record your energy, bowel movements, or any other outcome you wish


View trends in frequency and intensity for both your diet and symptoms


See if any patterns emerge between your diet and symptoms


Create a report of your diet and symptoms

I love everything about this app. I’ve been trying to pinpoint what causes particular symptoms and when and this is really helping. It’s also handy because I now have all of the information available in one place and will be able to show this to my doctor.

This app is amazing and very well thought out. I’m excited to further log my food and symptoms to understand what is affecting my overall health….

The app is intuitive and hits the perfect balance between customizability and simplicity. I love the analytics feature especially; it helps immensely in isolating any triggers. I don’t usually like paying for apps, but this is a steal for the price.

Download on iOS and Android