RH asked 6 years ago

I see there is a question about how to restore data but I can\’t find out any information about how to backup data in the first place.

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the mySymptoms team answered 6 years ago

For the iOS and Android Lite (premium) versions of mySymptoms, to backup your diary data, simply go to the More tab and select ‘Diary Backup’ and email yourself a copy.
The Android Lite version (without the premium upgrade) doesn’t provide any backup option – an upgrade is required.
The Android (paid) version of the app uses a cloud-based account and so doesn’t require backups. We plan to introduce cloud-based accounts for all versions of the app in the coming months.
Kind regards,
mySymptoms team.

the mySymptoms team replied 3 years ago

** UPDATE July 2020 ** : Please note that the current version of mySymptoms provides cloud accounts for automatic backups, with the exception of the iOS app if you choose not to register a cloud account.