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We help employers reduce the impact of IBS on their organization

We’re developing a digital therapeutic designed for IBS sufferers

One in eight employees are suffering, many in silence

employees suffer from IBS

most common cause of work absenteeism

additional annual healthcare and productivity costs for each IBS sufferer

How we help

We provide you with a scalable and proven solution to help your staff reduce the effects of their IBS

Reduce healthcare costs

By improving the health of your staff, we help you reduce your healthcare costs

Increase productivity

By reducing absenteeism and presenteeism of your staff who suffer from IBS

Outcomes reporting

We provide reports on employee engagement and clinical outcomes

Get in touch

We would love to work with you to help reduce your costs and help your employees live healthier lives

We’re currently developing a new digital therapeutic version of mySymptoms and would like to hear from you to ensure that we address the specific needs of your organization

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