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Jan Birdsey asked 6 years ago

Is there a way to analyze only mushy or liquid bowel movements instead is all BMs?

1 Answers
the mySymptoms team answered 6 years ago

Yes – in the analysis tab, tap on the Bowel Movement outcome, then tap on the gear icon (top right of menu bar) to open the ‘Configure Analysis’ screen.

Here you can set the ‘Outcome threshold’ for the analysis. For example, an outcome threshold >= 6 would only analyze for ‘type 6’ and ‘type 7’ of the Bristol scale (i.e. mushy or liquid).

Equally, the outcome threshold can be set the other way around for constipation – e.g. outcome threshold <= 1 for ‘type 1’ Bristol scale.
We hope this helps.

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mySymptoms team