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Laura Thompson asked 4 years ago

Is the intensity level of a particular symptom taken into account when various foods are analyzed to determine possible correlations? That is, if a particular food tends to provoke a symptom to a great degree, i.e., resulting in a high intensity of the symptom, will that translate into that food showing up as a more likely suspect in the analysis compared to a food that tends to trigger the same symptom but with a lower intensity level?  Or is any one occurrence of the symptom equal to every other occurrence with no regard given to intensity level for analysis purposes? (If this is the case, then is the intensity level only for the user to later choose to include in the analysis only those cases where the level is greater than or less than a certain amount without using the intensity level in its entirety when analyzing likelihood of various foods?)

1 Answers
cradmin answered 4 years ago

Hi Laura,
Thank you for your question. Yes, the intensity is taken into account when determining the correlations. A food with that triggers a more intense reaction than other foods will show as more highly correlated, all else being equal.
Best wishes,