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Steve Pheiffer asked 5 years ago

How do I give my doctor access and permission to my diary information I’ve created through the app?

1 Answers
the mySymptoms team answered 5 years ago

Currently the only way to share your diary is to send/print a PDF document of your diary. 
This can be done by going to the More tab, then tapping ‘Diary Report’, and then choosing a date range (All / Past Week / Past Month / Range). Then, when prompted, select PDF.
If you are using the iOS version of mySymptoms, an email will open with the PDF attached. (Please note the iOS mail app must be used, and therefore configured with your email provider)
If you are using the Android version of mySymptoms, you can choose any app to open the PDF with, however we recommend using email as it is more reliable. (Google Drive can corrupt the file so it doesn’t open)
Kind regards,
mySymptoms team