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Joanne Mar asked 6 years ago

Hi there.
I’ve switched from an iPhone to an Android phone. I had the paid app on my iPhone and have upgraded to the paid version on my Galaxy. Can I use the backup functionality to get all my data from my iPhone to my Galaxy? I have tried following the steps and get a message that it has been successful but there is no backdated data on my new phone.
Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

1 Answers
the mySymptoms team answered 6 years ago

Unfortunately the iOS and Android apps use different technologies which means that their backup files are incompatible with each other – so there’s currently now way to move data between the two. Sorry.
We plan to introduce cloud-based accounts in the coming months – this will enable the sharing of data between devices and platforms.
In the meantime, I’m sorry but there’s no way to move your data between iOS and Android.
Kind regards,
mySymptoms team.