Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Category: Symptom eventsHow do I track different symptoms?
Cindi Stecker asked 6 years ago

I have different symptoms than the ones in the list… inflammation, joint pain,┬ánumbness… how do I track them?

1 Answers
the mySymptoms team answered 6 years ago

To add your own symptom types, please follow these instructions:

1. Tap on the Organizer tab
2. Tap on “Symptoms”
3. Tap on “Add…” at the top of the list (iOS) or the + button on the menu (Android)
4. Tap on the newly created symptom and enter the required name
5. Then to save, tap “Done” (iOS) or the check mark (Android)

Now, when adding a symptom event to the diary, the new symptom will be included in the list.