mySymptoms v5.0 Sync (Android beta)

By April 24, 2017 April 27th, 2017 Android

Today we can announce that sync on Android is now available for early user access (beta) from the Google Play Store.

To enroll on the beta version of mySymptoms, please follow the link that applies to your version of the app:

For mySymptoms (paid app):

For mySymptoms Lite (including premium upgrade):

This beta gives you the opportunity to use the new sync feature as soon as possible, and to influence the continued evolution of the app by providing vital feedback on what you like and dislike.

Thanks again for using mySymptoms – we look forward to your feedback!

the mySymptoms team

the mySymptoms team

A multi-disciplinary team committed to helping sufferers of chronic conditions.


  • Stephanie Kelly says:

    Than you for the opportunity, and I am looking for an easy way to add my medications. I take different doses of the same medication at different times, it would be nice if, instead of needing to go through and check which one I am adding, if there was a row for dosage information, or make it so you can use the scroll bar to put 2mg, or whatever, and it let’s you just leave it at that. Currently I am stumped because I either have to add it in the name and search for the right dose named one, and the results pages and graphs get confusing then; or I have to writs some odd word or fake name or make the dose the name of an ingredient, since the app does not allow us to write the name of the pill in the ingredients section, which is fine if you use specifically a certain brand name medicine, but if you ate on a generic and it is simply the name of the drug, then we get stuck and I have to put something randomly there. I hope that makes sense.

    • Hi Stephanie. Thanks for your question.

      The way to add a quantity to a medicine is simply to tap the quantity button, then under serving sizes add a new entry – for example ‘1 mg’ and then in the servings set as required – say ‘2’, and then tap the check mark to save. The quantity should then appear next to the medicine as ‘2 mg’. You can edit/change as required.

      I hope this answers your question.

      Kind regards


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