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Q. How often should I record a symptom?

By July 8, 2015FAQs

For the best results, don’t record the same symptom too often – try to record it only once or twice per day.

Record only the first onset (time) of a symptom and it’s peak intensity rather than repeatedly entries throughout day as its intensity changes.

the mySymptoms team

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  • R. says:

    Wouldn’t entering a symptom once with average intensity muddle the results, though? Let’s say a trigger food is eaten at breakfast, then another one at dinner, and the symptoms get worse after dinner, entering the symptoms twice would give a better idea than both foods are to blame, otherwise I assume the algorithm does not link foods eaten after the onset of symptoms?

    • Correct – you should record a symptom each time it occurs after a meal. The post above does say once or twice per day – we’re just advising not to record symptom events too often or else the algorithm will find it difficult to distinguish between good and bad events. Also – as mentioned above, please record peak intensity rather than average intensity. I hope this helps!

  • Valerie says:

    I have eczema, which is a symptom that persists over days and weeks. It’s really hard to tell if it’s getting better or worse over the course of hours, because changes happen rather within days… How should I record my symptoms? Is tracking such a symptom even possible with your app (which is great, otherwise!) It doesn’t make sense to record my eczema at a specific time because it just persists..

    • Hi Valerie. Thanks for your question. We would advise recording your eczema once a day – so you get to see a trend over time. We doubt the analysis will pick up any correlations if the changes are so slight and over such a long period, but we’re looking to improve the analysis in future for these kinds of conditions. We also plan to introduce a better way of recording long-running symptoms – keep an eye out for future updates!

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