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How IBS can be mistaken for food allergy

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This article was written by Marianne Williams, a Registered Dietitian in the UK, and refers to experiences in her clinic which is not affiliated to mySymptoms. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a chronic and debilitating condition which can cause a myriad of distressing gut symptoms. However, the IBS symptoms of…

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mySymptoms Users Help Advance Research on Managing IBS Symptoms

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The mySymptoms community has made an important contribution to new research on managing IBS that shows tracking apps can help detect food-symptom and stress-symptom relations. The study, conducted last year by research Dutch research University KU Leuven, shows that food diary apps like mySymptoms can be a helpful aid in identifying dietary triggers for people with GI conditions and food…

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How to manage your IBS

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See your Doctor Many people are now aware of what IBS is and it is tempting to self-diagnose. However, it is important see your Doctor to make sure that Coeliac Disease (an autoimmune condition with the same symptoms) and other conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Diseases are ruled out first. This is done by having a blood test. Before being...
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